Whoop! whoop! Check out my new vintage 1963 Ballon Cordatic Friction Motorcycle Litho Tin Hungarian motorcycle Toy. This thing is pretty cool. I told you I was going to go for more little tin toys. I bought this from eBay and it came in this wrapping (plastic of some sort).

After thoroughly inspecting the body of the toy, we found no information about where was it made, or which was the brand of the toy. The only “hint” was a big L logo with the word “foreign” below it. I decided to search information about it today, and found some things and pieces of information I’d like to share with you.

I found that the logo belongs to a company named Lemezárugyár Budapest, that was founded at the beginning of the 50s in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. It remained active until the 90s, although it probably lost importance during the last years. The history of this company is very difficult to follow, since the only references I have found are written in Hungarian, which is such a complicated language that online translators cannot translate it to an “understandable” level. Impossible.

Please forgive me if I cannot give much information about the toy company. I am myself very curious about it, it has surely an amazing story behind it. If you are Hungarian and you are reading this, maybe you can make a summary of the History of Lemezárugyár Budapest to be published here, or in any other place. Either way, here is the company who made this toy but it’s in Hungarian.