lol, you thought it was a real car didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint but I was talking about my new and first tin toy car added to my collection. I was looking at other peoples collection the other day on facebook and saw some interesting toys posted on there by folks. There were many toys from many makers and from all over the place but something about Japanese tin toys kept getting my attention. There is something about old Japanese tin toys I just really like. I then started saying to self, “If I collect anything like that, I have to get real brand new, no mark toys only”. Self then said, “Dude, you can’t go with perfection on this. The wear, use and natural patina on these is what makes them special to you”.

Needless to say, self is absolutely right! I like natural patina. I am attracted to the wear and authenticity look of these type of toys. So, with that said, I went ahead and got me my first lever-action tin car made by Masudaya, also known as Masudaya Modern Toys.

The Masudaya company was founded in 1924. The brand can be found on many sheet metal plaques and cellulose toys. She was one of the leading manufacturer of mechanical and battery operated toys of the post-war period, often characterized with MT or the “Modern toys” logo. Below, you can see the “MT” logo on the back of my toy.

I believe this is a “touring car” if I’m not mistaken. If I’m wrong, please comment and correct, enlighten me please. Not so sure what the year is on this toy just yet but I would guess it’s from the 50’s or 60’s. They made cars like this one I have, type writers, robots, motorcycles (which I must add one to my collection) and many more toys. The patina, “rust” and look of wear and tear captivated me and pushed me to purchase this little toy and I must say that I really do like it. I liked it if not more than when I purchase an error coin .

Expect more toys like this to be posted by me. Although numismatics is my main hobby, I feel the need to expand into something like toys, more specifically, Japanese toys like automobiles and robots. I hope you like “my new ride”. Comment and share yours with us.